Copywriting Makes Everything Shiny and New!

Writing evergreen digital marketing content is my expertise.

From healthcare and beauty to unique service offerings, my copywriting is specific to each of my clients' distinct demographics and geo-targets.

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Copywriting & Content Management

Wag Enabled

2020, completed

Copywriting for site, email campaigns (pre-launch), original copy draft for About Us page.



Copywriting for site, articles and resource document editing , copywriting and updates to blogs written by industry leaders.

Ad Campaign Management & Copywriting

Client: Multiple for holiday flight (2018)

Client: Smooth 'n' Shine

Client: Ampro Pro Styl

Client: Multiple for annual campaign

Blogs and Sponsored Content

The Coding Copywriter | WordPress Blog

All content written and managed by Gerilyn Hayes

NaturallyCurly | WordPress Blog and eCommerce Site

Sponsored and NaturallyCurly-branded content created and written by Gerilyn Hayes

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